Pirates & Fishing

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Pirates & Fishing

Post by jono659 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:32 am

Here are a few current
DumbAss_2018.05.27_141518.png[/attachment ][attachment=3]DumbAss_2018.05.27_130821.png[/attachment ][attachment=4]DumbAss_2018.05.16_183134.png

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Re: Pirates & Fishing

Post by tagban » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:24 am

At one point I had a randomizer that would randomly pop you into the zone with pirates, and then would time out when they spawned. I lost that in the server moves.

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Re: Pirates & Fishing

Post by jono659 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:09 am

I use a rnd generator in transport.cpp that triggers 4 x rnd on the Selbina docking. Then if the random is at a certain level it selects the pirate in Selbina and/or Mhaura. The other 2 are for Sea Horror / Sea Monk.

Mhaura Zone

function onEventFinish(player,csid,option)
if (csid == 200) then
local DepartureTime = VanadielHour();
if (DepartureTime % 8 == 0) then
pirate1 = GetServerVariable("boat1");
printf("Pirate \n",boat1);
if (pirate1 >= 820) then
pzone = 227; -- Pirates
pzone=220; -- Selbina
player:setPos(0,0,0,0,pzone); -- Boat to Selbina or Pirates
elseif (DepartureTime % 8 == 4) then
player:setPos(0,0,0,0,46); -- Boat to Aht Urhgan
player:setPos(8,-1,5,62,249); -- Something went wrong, dump them on the dock for safety.
elseif (csid == 322) then

In transport

// set pirate spawn for selb and Mhaur Boats and Monk/Horror
uint32 setp = PTransport->PTransportNPC->animation = PTransport->AnimationDepart;
int ptd= PTransport->Dock.prevzone; // Looking for boat to Selbina
if (ptd == 220)
int n = 1;
while (n < 5)
long boat = dsprand::GetRandomNumber(1000);
auto boatname = "boat" + std::to_string(n);
const char* fmtQuery = "UPDATE server_variables SET value = %u WHERE name = '%s';"; //update the 4 vars for pirates and boat Mobs
int32 ret = Sql_Query(SqlHandle, fmtQuery, boat, boatname);

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Re: Pirates & Fishing

Post by DanteMccloud » Tue May 14, 2019 9:38 am

Hey Jono does this still work? I was thinking of playing with this as I heard Master branch doesn't have it implemented. Did you add the Mhaura Zone script to just Mhaura or is it in Selbina Zone as well? Did you have to do anything other than add those scripts lines to transport and Mhaura in order to get pirates working?
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