Request Users to Help Stress test Server!

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Request Users to Help Stress test Server!

Post by WiiStream » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:58 am

Hi, I have been debugging the server for months now. learning as much as I can with this server finding and repairing all the crash's I have found.

I would like to request if any of you would be willing to set your IP to and come and stress test the server.
A few things you can do as a player.
you can set your own EXP rates from 1-5 I have solved the downloading packet error with using only one content ID so that should not give you any problems.

Ill get the rest working in time. for all 16 content IDs some day. Still need to learn more.
Had a lot of crash's dealing with Check function It would some times return a empty player when they would zone
other crash's were deleting from database where nothing was there account sessions table.

Some crash's were from Lua not sending the correct format PLAYER, Flag and missing flag var, and of course that would break the debugger line. But as for right now I have around 6 to 8 players always playing and testing trying to crash the server.
They have done one hell of a job, and I am very thankful hey played here.

They have helped me fine more crashs then I ever thought, but in the just of it all, this darkstar emu is so very good. I found 6 bad crash's PVP and check effects check and check items and database errors. but all in all they have done so good. it could have been alot worse, at one point we didn't have any items we NULL so much code, and we still found some crashing. But the good news is it seems to be close to solved!

So I Invite anyone of you if you are willing to test it out and help stress test the server.

Set Ip to
Create a account with ffxi-boot.exe option 2, and login!
Players can use the following commands
"?Hello .com .leavegame .homepoint .setspeed .setexprates"
".mount .dismount .morph .demorph .pvp"

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Re: Request Users to Help Stress test Server!

Post by twiztednsik1 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:27 am

We have pvp working Globally on our server with no issues if thats what your looking for you should come check us out at just sayin

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Re: Request Users to Help Stress test Server!

Post by PrBlahBlahtson » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:55 am

Watching you guys posture for users is entertaining.

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