Found Augment Etching Packet Structure

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Found Augment Etching Packet Structure

Post by bluesolarflare » Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:23 pm

While messing around with packets, I took a capture from retail showing etched augments and I modified my core to allow me to enter in each augment as individual numbers. Here is the packet structure starting at 0x010:

Code: Select all

       0          1          2          3          4         5          6           7         8          9          A          B          C          D             E           F
1 |   00         02         23      Type/Rank     ?    AugPointsAdd    Aug1       val1       Aug2      Val2        Aug3       Val3        00         00           00        00   

Hex Value explanation:

0x0203 at the begining signifies that it is an augmented etched item. 0x0203 is a normal augmented item.

Type/Rank - This defines the Type A-D for the item. 0 is Type A, 1 is Type B, etc. Once you go past a value of 3, the Rank increases by 1, so a value of 0 in that spot is TypeA Rank1. A value of 4 in that spot is TypeA Rank1. 0x07 would be TypeB Rank2. The point values needed for each rank are statically bound to the Rank itself, so there is no hex value in the packet for Points needed to rank up.

AugPointsAdd - This is two hex values which is used to determine how many points to subtract from the rank points needed to rank up. The game reads these values in reverse. So a value of 0A 01 would be 0x010A which is 266 points applied to the current Rank.

Aug - This is the augment. There appears to be a different table that this reads from. Placing a 1 here means the item has been etched with no augmented slotted in.

Val - multiplier of the augment

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